I am excited about the practices that orbit around the fetish but not all them are applicable to all people.

For a real enriching relationship, i must know all your interests in depth. With all the nuances. I have extensive experience and i am open to discuss them honestly and discretely with you,

However, this is not a “menu” where you can choose……If you think so, you better leave My Website and don´t waste your time, nor Mine.

Remember the ultimate goal of your surrender is…TO SERVE ME.

Once you decide prostrate before me, I only have the Power to decide WHAT, WHEN AND HOW. And you must assume and accept that even if I accept your likes, all your limits will be tested.

I am a hygiene freak. I do not like unclean people, or odors. I hate the practices that involve games with bodily fluids. I do not like scat or golden or silver shower. Nor wax seduce me too much, although it is a fun game when practiced along with other Dominas.

Shibari is a discipline I don´t know. I’m just a fan about it. However, I´m passionate about bondage by shackles, handcuffs, chains and metal in general. I really enjoy the cages, traps, torture rack … locks … belts, either leather or textile ..

In electric games, I’m taking the first steps. My curiosity about this has been stronger than my fears. I think soon I will be passionate …

I have a great cage, very suitable for prolonged confinement. I’d like to play with you’re my prisoner. What better jailer than me?

I´m not bad, i´m just drawn that way!

...and everything our audacity make us dream...