To me BDSM is a GAME. The best. Exciting, serious, intimate.

As a game, have its own rules, is disciplinate, we all respect the implicit rules concerning our respective roles, whether or not explicit.

  • It’s fun, because the purpose is the enjoyment of all participants.
  • It feeds on, we evolve and grow with it. We develope as people.
  • we voluntarily chose to participate in it, and we agreed practices among us.
  • And is imaginative, because it allows us to hatch those facets that are latent, or hidden in our everyday life.

When a slave grant the privilege to submit to me, he/she comes into MY world. A playful but REAL world. Where he/she becomes my property subject, and their submission and obedience are constantly tested. While he/she is in my hands, I am the center of that world, and his existence is fully targeted to satisfy my commands and wishes.

Punishments and rewards are essential instruments to build a real Mistress/slave relationship . I Use either one or other indifferently, without causality, just for the pleasure of change submissive behavior, and guide them only to serve me. With all his senses, at all levels.

I dont like paid slaves themselves. Submissives should never expect a reward for their efforts, because in my world only remain those I consider to give me 100% of themselves. And therefore, the most important award is, in fact, to continue in my presence.

Application of punishment will be accurate and preferably severe, so the slave can feel, see, remember and preserve its effects on his mind and body for days.

I dont tolerate transgressions. Contradict me deliberately is a rebellion that disgusts me, an gross attempt to manipulate The Mistress, and its will be settled being dismissed of my service.

Worship Your Mistress Eva - Goddess and Supreme Master in the Art of Fetish and BDSM
I am Cute and Vain. I love to show My Photos, knowing that My fans will pay proper tribute to them ....
How can you get to serve Me

Read carefully all "About Me" Section

I’m not a Pro Domme. My contacts provide assistance at every appointment to maintain rental of meetings site, without further “tribute” or “payments”. There is no other interest or financial gain.

I do not have “customers”. I have slaves.

Besides my Domina role, I have an intense personal and professional life, and do not let anyone to access My Domains.

I’m only interested in LIVE, physical, in person relationships. I´m not into “cyber”, distance domination or similar.

That is why i select those who are serious and honest, and who wish truly live the fetish domination essence.

Look honestly within yourself

It is essential that you are quite sure your wishes and convictions. Do not waste time, energy and illusion in fantasies that never go out of limbo. You have to be convinced that I am what you want, and you want to offer me as a submissive.

I am True. Real and physics. Myimage is that you see in my photos: always fetishist, always in leather and corsets, with high heels, with blindfolds and masks. Dont pretend another image from me.

I am fetishist,not “nudist”. I’m notnaked, I do not show my face uncovered, and I never meet anyone outside of my cave. And none of this is negotiable.”


Contact Me respectfully

I only seek quality relationships with people who think and feel the BDSM. I do not do snacking or sporadic encounters.

Contrary to what is generally thought, education and mutual respect are basic principles that should govern all relations, and more a Mistress / slave relationship.

Relationships should be kept, maintained and pamper them. From our respective roles with equal attention and respect.

I do not like rebels slaves nor challenging, and not tolerate manipulation attempts. Lack of education or respect for my or toward what I represent, will mean that you will cease to be considered, without ceremony.

Follow My Instructions and come into My World

I give the highest importance to discretion, and demand. I do not like gossip and indiscreet questions. Out of this area, your life and mine run separate ways. Your public and private life should not be conditioned by your facet slave in my service.

I answer all requests, affirmative or negative.

If reviewing your request, I believe that you are a worthwhile person, I will contact you and from that moment both coordinate together your entry into My World. You just have to strictly follow the instructions and instructions that will give you, and have the courage to approach Me.

I will be your only Religion

I will delve into your deepest self, in that place where no one has gone before, and I voluntarily deliver them the access key that will take me to the depths of you.

I will administer conscious the devotion, respect and worship that you will show me. And i will be patient to decide and manage what you need … even things that even you dont know.