You´ll only become to me if you respect and fulfill My Rules.

First of all you should know that – if you have the good fortune to appear before me – you’ll be before a real Mistress, I live and deeply feel my dominant nature, as my lifestyle.

  • You´ll only know me as Dominatrix

    You´ll only know me as a Dominatrix, and only in the area of ​​my Cave Fetishes. Avoid gossiping outside those parameters. I give and demand absolute discretion.

  • I´m intensly Fetishist

    I am intensely FETISH, and that is another condition that I demand you: you’re also fetishist, and recognize you fascinated by the image of sensuality and recharged fetishism that I incarnate.

  • I´m very picky about formality

    I am also picky about FORMALITY. I dont like people too much fantasy, lazy people, people who project a false image of herself, and in general, people who speak much and do nothing. Sadomasochistic gamers. So I’m picky about punctuality. I do not like changing plans or stupid excuses.

  • I´m demanding about my previous instructions

    I am demanding about the instructions for the preparations that you will have to carry out before each meeting are respected. Concerning to remain in chastity, concerning to your clothing and hygiene, and on everything I consider important as pre-session condition.

  • I never receive anyone without appointment

    I dont receive without appointment. I never answer non identified phone numbers. And I dont like neither improvisation nor the fudge.

  • A meeting is not a bespoke suit

    A meeting with me is NOT a bespoke suit or a service. The aim is to intensely enjoy, but doing both … through our respective roles. And that, the magic, the enjoyment, not bound in advance: just flows.

  • I hate banality

    Questions like what will consist the session, what can I do or what I let you do, are banality samples. Do not pretend to have the movie script to decide if you go to see it. If you’re confused, dont take the step, and dont waste time or illusion.

  • My Sessions dont follow any established script

    My Sessions dont follow any established script. They develop according to my feelings, leading chemistry to occur, and what inspires me every time the submissive subject. I will have consider your tastes, previous experiences and limits, but must be prepared to be taken further.

  • You must inform me about health questions

    You must previously inform me about any physical or peculiarity concerning your health, or if you are taking drugs and / or medication, if you have hypo or hyper tension, phobias, etc..

  • I don´t realize nothing ilegal

    Under no circumstances I realize Sessions involving children or animals,nor will I allow even mention.

  • During the meeting you can talk and have initiative

    During the meeting you can talk and have initiative, which does not exempt you must comply strictly with all that I command you. I’ll take care of you at all times, and I will create the confidence necessary for satisfactory communication.

  • You can´t come to our meeting with others

    Under no circumstances you can come to our meeting with others, unless such circumstance has previously been Accepted and Agreed by Me. Under no circumstances should you go to My Cave without prior Appointment.

  • You must always be respectful and honest.

    In your communications with Me, you must always be respectful and honest. I have all the experience and knowledge necessary to Inform and guide you, but im not a guess.

  • I´m only Dómina

    I am only and exclusively Dómina. If you expect a change of roles as part of the game, I’m not the right person for you.

  • My time is sacred

    Please, don´t forget that my time is sacred. Like yours, I hope. If you must cancel your appointment by hopeless causes, do it in advance.

Do You need know more?